Idea Brainstorming

Hot Chicks

Some Like it Hot

Ok, so last week I mentioned how it’s often rare for me to be out and about and an almost complete cartoon idea just pops into my head. Well, it does seem to be happening…

Humour Ideas

Into the Ewwwwww

(click the strip to see a bigger version)So this week I had a cartoon almost finished and ready to go, that I started last Friday, and I was going to finish it, then….Paul Walker died….

annoying things

Uber Revenge

Hello, once again this week i’m venting in cartoon form. It’s a surprising source of good ideas just listing down stuff that annoys the shit out of you, that and it’s very therapeutic. You see,…


The Two Week Window

Hello again! So sorry about last week, Once again I had a sick child and my Aunty from New Zealand was visiting for the week so I couldn’t get much work done at night either….


Super Defacement

Sorry, had to dip into the vault again this week as I’ve been quite sick and feeling like crap most of last week. Mind you, this one still looks really good even though it’s about…