Humour Ideas


No Excuse

I’ve talked about this before, but when I get an idea, it’s usually either 1) A vague notion of an idea that I write down and work on at a later date that sometimes turns…

Humour Ideas

Into the Ewwwwww

(click the strip to see a bigger version)So this week I had a cartoon almost finished and ready to go, that I started last Friday, and I was going to finish it, then….Paul Walker died….

Cartoon Ideas

A Gentle Trip

Greetings again my dear friends! Not much back story on the cartoon idea this week, as it was one of those “I see a word, think of a rough idea and I write it down”…


The Two Week Window

Hello again! So sorry about last week, Once again I had a sick child and my Aunty from New Zealand was visiting for the week so I couldn’t get much work done at night either….

Cartoon Ideas

Take Two Hours

Ahhh, it’s good to be back and healthy again and drawing cartoons! So during my recent illness, let’s just say my mood wasn’t always the greatest which led to the idea for this cartoon. You…