Winner, Winner

Pretty much every week I post my new cartoons everywhere I can to try and get more exposure, one place I post is the Comics sections of Reddit. Most times I get some likes and some other times I get some harsh criticisms, which you bound to get I get that. But last week a couple of users got quite fired up about me making a joke about Ikea instruction manuals, it was odd. One guy posted a massive rant about engineering or something, I don’t know got bored a couple of sentences in and didn’t finish reading it. Seriously, it’s just a silly cartoon making a dumb joke about something, don’t take it so serious and dissect every little detail! Pretty sure those guys put way more thought into my cartoon than I probably did making it. So this week I thought I’d make a joke about something no one can deny and that’s that cinema food is way overpriced, like stupidly. But you know I could be wrong maybe someone will disagree, probably a cinema employee or something, lets wait and see!

Anyway, hope you like it, see you next week!



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