Smiling Faces

Man I love wordplay jokes, I’m always keeping and eye and ear out for words that sound the same or are spelled slightly different. So as you can probably guess, I either saw the word “faces” or “feces” and realized how close they are to each other and this idea started to form in my head. As usual though, the initial idea is the easy bit and figuring out how to visualize it the best way is what takes some time. What I tend to do is know what the idea is a couple of days or so before I draw it so I can think about all the different ways to do it beforehand. Pretty early on I had the idea of a graphic designer do a smiling turd for a logo instead of smiling faces, it just took me some time to get to this final stage. For awhile there it was going to show the guy presenting the poster to the clients and them saying “No, we say smiling FACES”. But then I had the idea of him waiting to go in and the secretary saying sorry for a typo in her email about the design brief, which I think is a more subtle approach and makes you think about it a bit more, which I’m always a fan of.

So once I had the idea sorted I went ahead with my initial sketch to figure out what goes where and what not:

After that, I do the pencils that look like this:


Then I use my lightbox and trace the pencils onto card with various inkpens:

Then I scan it and coloured it and add text and stuff on my PC and all done! Hope you like it.




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