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Hello again! Now if you’ve been following me on Instagram, Twitter or my Facebook page (If not you should: www.facebook.com/brinkscartoons, www.instagram.com/mr_brinks and twitter.com/Mr_Brinks) you’ll notice that I started a new Drawing Challenge recently. I didn’t want to call it a “Daily Drawing Challenge” as I’m predicting I may not be able to do a drawing everyday sometimes, as stuff pops up and sometimes it’s just not possible to do it everyday, but I’m going to try. That and I wanted to keep it casual and not stress myself out too much. So it’s pretty much me doing a quick drawing everyday and posting it. Now, I’ve been playing around with a kind of style at the moment and I thought I’d try and use it in my new cartoon this week. So the character design is the style i’m playing around with, mainly the eyes, hair and body shape. I really dig it and this one was quite fun to draw, so I might explore it some more in the next few weeks or so and see if it sticks. What do you think?


So here’s the super rough pencil sketch I did, mainly just to get the layout right:

Next I did the pencils:

Then finally the inks:

If you look carefully you’ll notice that the guy had no nose originally, why is that? Well for some reason I just don’t like drawing noses on my characters, seriously look through my no-comic drawings, there’s not many noses there. Especially on aliens and monsters. But when I was colouring this, I thought it might be a bit distracting and confusing so I digitally added a nose to him. Which do you think looks better? I also did the text in the panels by hand as I love hand lettering, the only reason I don’t do the speech bubbles by hand is that it’s too time consuming to get it right. But I am going to start doing it again soon I think.

Anyway, hope you like it, see you next time!



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