The Difference a Movie Makes

Hello again. Whenever I talk about how I came up with a cartoon idea you’ll often hear me say something like “this was an old idea I wrote down a long time ago and it’s not until now that I figured out how to use that idea”. Something like that, well this is one of those ideas! The basic idea I wrote down was something like “asking for a tissue has different meaning depending on what movie you’re watching at the time”. The original idea was two people in a cinema with the same “quick pass me the tissues” line. It wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago when I revisited this idea and realized that people probably don’t go to theaters to watch porn movies anymore (I told you it was an old idea)….well I assume that anyway. Good work internet! Plus who takes a woman to see a porno in a theater as well? It made way more sense if it was a couple watching movies on a couch at home, which was the breakthrough idea I had a couple of weeks back.

So here’s the initial rough sketch I did:

So you can see that originally they were both eating popcorn, which ended up being too distracting and took up too much space, plus who eats popcorn while watching porn? In case you’re wondering I do most of my initial sketches in red erasable pencil (Prismacolor Col-Erase, carmine red) because I really like them, that and they don’t smudge as much as graphite pencils and I draw very messy. You can also see that I played around with the woman’s facial expression quite a bit before I got it right.

After I then draw out the final pencil version in red I neaten it all up and use a 2B pencil to finish it like this:

After that is done I use my light-box to trace this onto some card-stock using various ink-pens (my current favourites are a Pentel Sign Brush pen and a set of Derwent Graphik line markers) to finish with this:

Then I scan it into my PC and work some magic with Photoshop and Illustrator and voila! All done.

Hope you like it! See you next time,



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