Friday Night Art #14

I love drawing crazy monster creatures, especially little tiny ‘doodle’ ones that make up a larger image. So, due to my slackness of late, I’m attempting to try and draw at least something everyday. Hopefully most of the time I’ll post it to my Instagram account ( and on my Facebook page ( Here’s my first one that I did tonight:

I expect I’ll be doing a lot more of these quick little doodle monsters, because I love doing them and it’s good practice for my big doodle pieces.

But wait, that’s not all! That’s not a proper Friday Night Art post now is it? So here’s another monster type character that I’ve been working on that I thought I’d share:

What do you think? Anyway it’s good to be back creating again, it definitely gets me in a better mood as it’s something I really love doing so I should do it more often, which I plan to do from now on.


Until next time!



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