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Well, well, long time no see! There’s a bit of a story as to why it’s been so long since I posted and cartoons or drawings; You see I always have some time off after Inktober as it’s very draining on me. I always aim for a couple of weeks but it usually ends up being about a month, which is fine normally. But unfortunately just after my break last year, my family and I were forced to move house. So a lot of my time was consumed with finding a new place, then moving and cleaning during December. Now, not only is December a really bad time to move due to Christmas and it being summer here in Australia, but one of my other “normal” jobs is working in retail. As you could guess December was a very full-on month for me and even most of January as well to be honest. So I didn’t really get much time to work on my cartoons and art. But after that all that craziness finally died down, honestly I procrastinated way too much, as I always do, but it’s been really bugging me of late and I’m now super keen to get back into doing my stuff again, finally.

This idea randomly came to me while I was driving around in my car a couple of months back. Have you noticed that more and more geeks and nerds are having kids now? I mean, I have 2 so that says it all really. But often people still assume us geeky guys still get no lovin’ and nothing proves them more wrong than having a child. But as in this cartoon, it may not impress the ladies as much as you think, oh well.

Once I had the idea sorted I did some initial sketches of the nerdy dad:

As you can see, he was way more nerdy looking in the beginning and he was having a coffee. I ended up changing his hair so he wasn’t too much of a cliche nerd and I liked the idea that the 2 women where on a coffee break from work walking through the park. So I got rid of his coffee as it looked odd that everyone was drinking coffee. Now that he had his hands free I also ended up giving him more of a “proud pose” with his hands on his hips.

Here’s the pencils of the final version:

After this, I then used my lightbox to trace it with various inkpens onto some board to get this:

After the inks were done, I scanned it into my PC and cleaned it up and coloured it in Photoshop. I finally imported it into Illustrator to do all the text, speech bubble and border.

That’s it! Well it’s good to be back, I start back doing my old schedule of posting a cartoon on Monday and some general artwork on Fridays.


See you then!



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