The Power of the Fidget Spinner


It’s not often I do topical jokes, I think that’s because I like people to go back and look at my old stuff and be able to get the jokes straight away and not need an explanation as to what it’s about as everyone’s forgotten about the subject by then. I have done them on occasions though, off the top of my head; one on BitStrips and one when a new iPhone came out and it’s map didn’t work or something and I’m pretty sure both those comics don’t make much sense anymore. Does anyone even remember what BitStips was? I mean that pretty much was the joke in that one as well, about me trying to be topical and trendy and failing. I guess it pretty much makes no sense now unless you remember those dark times when your Facebook feed was filled of really crappy comic strips made in a dumb app. I’m so glad that was a passing fad that didn’t last long, as I said back then, it offends me as a Cartoonist if anything.

Maybe in a couple of years this comic may make no sense either….if we’re lucky that is. So why Fidget Spinners? I have two young sons who are hassling me to get them that’s why. As my eldest son said the other day “I’m like the only kid in grade 2 that doesn’t have one”. So they’re pretty much everywhere and often when something is on my mind I tend to get an cartoon idea out of it.




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