Enjoy the Simple Things

Do you ever have it when you do that one fart and it’s almost borderline wet? You know the fart, the one that makes you wonder and stop and go “ohhh, was that a follow-through?” Well I did one the other day while I was walking somewhere and it got me thinking and it was that thinking that led to the formation of this idea. After years of brainstorming joke ideas, it doesn’t take me much to find inspiration that’s for sure. You see I’ve always wanted to get a greeting card made for Valentine’s Day that says: “I love you like the first dry fart after a long bout of diarrhea”. Because, everyone’s been there, we all love those farts, they’re the best farts ever. It’s like playing Russian Roulette, sometimes you just don’t know if it’s gonna be wet of dry it’s just a gamble and the relief you feel when it’s dry is the best feeling ever. So I pretty much had the basic “dry fart” idea for some time, it wasn’t until the other day that I thought of the whole “loving the fart so much you give it a high-five” bit.

Anyway, I hope you like this one as much as a dry fart after a sea of wet one’s, until next time!



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