The Uncommon Housefly

Hello again, ah back to a good old easy single panel gag, my old bread and butter. Honestly of late I’ve been finding it harder to come up with single panel jokes. I used to enjoy the restriction and challenge of having to condense everything into one panel (plus the freelance work I used to do for magazines years ago only used single panel cartoon, so I got into that habit from that as well), but I did often have to abandon good ideas that wouldn’t fit into the one panel. So now I just work with whatever the idea is, which of late have been more complex joke ideas that need more than one panel to tell, which is fine by me. I did this idea as it was an old one I came up with awhile ago and I was short of time so I wanted to do a quick single panel. This idea came from one of the the brainstorming techniques I often use which is simply just reversing or doing the opposite of things, to get a different or unusual outcome. In this case all it was, was I saw “common housefly” written somewhere and I flipped it and wondered what an uncommon housefly would be like, in this case a creepy big one that doesn’t bother you during a BBQ lunch, but just watches you instead. Not sure which one I’d prefer actually….


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