The Modern Troll

The other night I was brainstorming for a new cartoon idea even though I have lot’s of ‘finished’ ideas, often I’m either not in the mood to do them or they’re going to take me too long to do so I need more time to work on them. So I refereed to my ‘almost there ideas book’, which is a notebook I have, where I’ve written down ideas that I think have potential but just aren’t ‘quite there’ yet, so they just need one good idea to finish them off. I happen across and idea that was pretty much written down as ‘hunting/fighting trolls’. I think the original line of thought I had for this idea was to have a more modern version of a Troll Hunter, but this person hunts down internet trolls instead of the troll monsters. But as I looked at it, I though maybe I could just update and modernize the classic Three Billy Goats Gruff story with the troll under the bridge, but just make it a new, modern ‘troll’ instead.

Once I had that idea, I had to decide what the troll was trolling about. Now I’m a parent and one thing I’ve discovered that you never bring up and talk about on social media is child vaccination as it always causes a massive shit-storm of arguments. So it’s defiantly an easy troll comment, so that ended up being my choice, especially as it would be easy for a mum to be pushing a pram over the bridge, so it all came together quite easy after that.

Hope you like it, see you next time!



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