Friday Night Art #12 (Easter Bunny #2)

Hello again, this afternoon I spent some time scribbling around figuring out what to draw for tonight’s Friday Night Art, but most of the drawings I did were quite involved and I knew I wouldn’t finish them in time. Mostly they were one’s that have lots of little “doodle” characters in them, which are very time consuming. But I will start them and slowly work on them for another Friday I think. In saying that though, I drew and inked this quite quickly, then I spent forever doing the hatched background! Anyway, I thought that as it’s Easter this weekend I should do an Easter piece. I thought I’d stick with the theme of the bunny I did a couple of weeks back by having a cute bunny looking angry with a weapon. I enjoy the juxtaposition of cute characters doing violent things, which was pretty much the entire concept of Happy Tree Friends. Remember that? Man I wonder what happened to that show? I used to love it. Wow, it’s still around (, go figure.

So here is my Easter Bunny, guarding his eggs:

See ya next time!



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