Friday Night Art #12

Hello again, this week’s piece was inspired by a scribble I did on my desk awhile back that looks like this:

So, why is my desk covered in yellow cardboard? Well, I learned this trick from my retail job, where in the “old days” we always covered our desks in the backroom with yellow cardboard (yellow is the main colour for who I work for) to protect the desk as we used to make a a lot of signs on the desks and use a lot of markers on them. I used to always scribble and doodle all over them while I was on the phone or supposed to be working, it was lots of fun and we always ended up with awesome looking desks by the end when we had to change it when it was too full of pen marks and drawings, it was great. So now I do the same with my art desk I cover it in yellow cardboard, which I found is less bright and easier on the eyes than white (that and I’m kind of used to it now after all these years), same reason people use yellow legal pads. Often I just scribble random things on it, test pens and pencils on it, write random notes and what not, it’s very handy. My youngest son was even scribbling on it today, it’s going to look awesome when I have to replace it, I’ll take a photo of it on day to show you guys.

Anyway, I liked this little dude so much that I thought I’d draw a full one!

Plus, you know it’s Easter soon and I’ve been doing a lot of Easter stuff at my other teaching job this week, but I didn’t just want to do any old bunny character though, I wanted him to kick ass! This piece was also me experimenting with some new pens and paper I got this week. I went to the new Ironlak art supplies in Brisbane city the other day, so I bought some paper and some new black brush pens with I used both on this pic. Then today I bought some grey brush markers and thought I try out some grey shading and toning. I really like using the grey actually, I’m really keen to explore it some more with some other drawings.

Anyway, hope you like it! See you next time!




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