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Thought I’d get in early with a Valentine’s Day themed cartoon for tomorrow. I do have a Valentines Day cartoon that I usually post every year (this one: so I thought it was about time I did a new one. As you can see I pretty much moved from a masturbation joke to fart joke, because….well, that’s what I do. And it’s not technically a very Valentine’s themed, more a relationship theme, but close enough.

The first version of this cartoon had more text at the start where he starts with “Babe, it’s Valentine’s Day So….” but I don’t think it was necessary in the end so I axed it. I tend to do this often with my cartoons, I always use way more words than I need and then edit them down to have as minimal words as possible. Why? People often want a quick read, get to the joke then move on. It’s like ads, billboards, signs etc. You keep the text to a bare minimal other wise people lose interest and don’t bother reading it all. I mean it’s a humour comic strip, not a serious article about the current state of relationships and flatulence in modern society.

So, guys be nice to you ladies this Valentine’s Day and show them you care by dropping your guts in front of them, you’re welcome ladies.

See you next time,



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