Rectum? Damn Near Killed ’em

My “Month of Christmas Retail Jokes” continues! And you know what? It was nowhere near the challenge I thought it was going to be, in fact I still have plenty of ideas that I may just have to save up for next Christmas. Speaking of which, I’ll try and get a cartoon done for next week, but I’ve got a lot going on this week. Especially as I’m working in my retail job two nights this week, one shift I have finishes at 2am Christmas eve! Yep, the shopping centre I work in isn’t closing for 2 whole days, crazy right? People have to shop, unfortunately by that point we have hardly anything left of what people really want and I have to deal with cranky people all night….oh joy.

So why did I use a real image as the background? For a few reasons actually; the first is I kind of like using real backgrounds and I’ve been meaning to do more, it also helps that I suck at drawing backgrounds as well. the second is I started drawing a background but I knew there was a crapload of text in this one (which I am worried about as my spelling skills are pretty rubbish, please let me know if I stuffed up and I’ll fix it, normally my wife is good at that, so I’m sure she’ll pick it up first) and I didn’t want to go to all the effort of drawing a full background just to have most of it covered by a giant speech bubble. and Lastly, it’s almost Christmas and I’m lazy and tired, this cartoon took me hardly anytime to do which is good as I’ve been staying up way too late on Sunday nights drawing cartoons of late so I need to catch up on some sleep.

Anyway, hope you like it!



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