This is Why I Drink

As promised, this is the 2nd week of my “Retail December”, a whole month of retail related jokes. This is a very autobiographical joke I must say as I am a stay-at-home dad with 2 kids and I work in retail. But that guy looks nothing like me, I didn’t want to draw me but to make it still a ‘nod’ to me, the guy is wearing a Primus t-shirt, one of my favourite bands ever. I think this idea came to me easily this week as school just finished the other day, so I now have 2 kids to look after full-time as well as my crazy busy retail job. Mind you I don’t hit the straight booze first thing in the morning….well not yet anyway, give me another week or so.

Ok. I better go and stop my kids from killing each other (which is pretty much all I do during school holidays), have a good one!



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