Feel the Bass




Happy Monday everyone! I think that December will be “retail jokes” month for me as I do work in retail and this time of year I definitely need to vent after work. Mind you this gag is not really venting, but it is set in a retail shop, which just happens to look very much like the one I work in…hehehehe. So I got this idea quite awhile ago actually and just filed it away in one of my notebooks and forgot about it, until the other day that is. I was at work and I happen to walk past a box of headphones that had a giant “Extra Bass” text on the front and it reminded me about this idea and I once an idea starts to grow in my head I just had to do it. Plus I was trying to think of a retail joke during that shift anyway, so it all worked out well. I love wordplay jokes, I think that’s why I’ve always liked this idea, and trust me I have a couple more “Bass” jokes up my sleeve for another day.

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