Mermaid Mix-up


Pretty sure the whole ‘singing to lure seamen’ thing is sirens not mermaids, but who gives a shit, close enough. So this idea came from a random scribbled down note in my notebook, which was something along the lines of “mermaids and seamen/semen” and it wasn’t until I was riding on the bus the other week, going through my notebook and I came up with the sperm bank connection. Geez you don’t say that everyday. I so could have shortened that text, but as usual I just loved the “Bitch, shut up!” bit that I just had to keep it in there.

Now, I’m curious, how many of you actually read the text I write on this blog? Because my page-views in general are really low, so I’m just curious is all. Do you just look at the picture and move on or do you bother to read these bits? Should I bother to write anything at all? I don’t know, it’s just frustrating to spend so much time on something (the blog in general), in hope that it will spread around and more and more people will end up liking it and it just doesn’t happen. Makes you wonder if it’s worth the bother really.



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  1. I read your stories behind the comics – that’s the “blog” part yeah?

  2. I don’t buy Playboy for the articles. Same principle here (but with less nudity…)

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