Inktober 2016 – Day 31


I did it, I made it! It took me a while to think of what to do for the last day. But the other day whist I was looking through the people I was following on Instagram I noticed a lot of artists’ profile pictures were themselves drawn by themselves. So I thought I should do that, then I thought of the prefect way to end Inktober, with a self portrait!

I couldn’t resist the old cliché of the pencil behind the ear even though I never do that. And thanks to my wife @drtupps for helping me on this one, to make sure it looked like me and to remind me to add in my wedding ring.

Big thank you to everyone who’s been following me and to everyone who’s liked my pictures on Instagram, Facebook and Deviant Art over the whole month. You guys kept me going, especially during that week when I was really sick and instead of going to bed I was up drawing. Totally worth it.

I’m sorry there’s no new cartoon this week as Inktober had me swamped, especially as tonight the wife and I are going out on a date night to celebrate the end. But now Inktober is done, everything is back to normal! So see you next week for a new cartoon!




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