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Ha! I bet you thought I wouldn’t post a cartoon again this week didn’t you? Well I admit I almost didn’t, I’m still quite sick and last night I was quite bad. I managed to get my Inktober drawing done last night and then I started this cartoon, But I just couldn’t finish it, so I finished it today/tonight and posted it a lot later than usual. That and it is a quick one, hence why it’s not in colour, but I want to explore more traditional black and white stuff anyway. Which was my goal for Inktober anyway, so I do plan to do some more black and white stuff when I get more time that is.

So I got this idea the other week when a White Pages book got left at out doorstep….and honestly it’s still out there on the floor of our carport, that just shows how much we care about it. I mean it’s pretty much right next to the recycling bin and we still couldn’t be bothered to even pick the damn thing up. So I got thinking about useless, out of date books that some people still cling to….like the bible! (cue drum fill) Ha!

Anyway, I so glad I got around to doing this, now I just need to go do my Inktober drawing for today and hopefully this damn flu/cold thing will piss off tomorrow.

See ya!



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