Couch Potato


When I got the idea for last week’s cartoon, I thought I could do a few more in a similar style, which I initially called “Visual Analogy’s”. Now I still do want to do that, but I’m still not sold on calling them that yet, plus I wasn’t entirely sure that what they were was indeed considered an “analogy” anyway. So I was doing some research on what to call them and I stumbled on to the word “metaphor”, which got me interested. So I then started looking at lists of metaphors for some ideas and can you guess what one I found that sparked an idea? Yep, “couch potato”. Initially there was only the one speech bubble, that of the boy, but I just couldn’t resist throwing in one of my all time favourite words “Anthropomorphism” in there. I don’t know why I like it so much, in fact I use it so much when I write down idea notes that I shorten it to “anthro”, because it’s such a damn long word. Do you know what other long word is awesome? Sesquipedalian, look it up 😉

Oh, so why did I use a picture of a real potato? At first I didn’t, but I was worried that my drawing didn’t look enough like a potato and the joke kind of relies on knowing what it is so I used a real picture just to make sure. Plus I ended up really liking the real picture, it adds to the strangeness of this cartoon I think, I should combine cartoon and real pictures more often.


Anyway, hope you like it, see you next time!



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