Merry Bublé Xmas


Ah Christmas, it’s almost here and how do I know this? Because my local shop is already selling goddamn Christmas trees that’s why!! Ahhhhhh! Look don’t get me wrong I love Christmas….well some of it anyway, the one part I utterly despise is the retail part of it. In case you didn’t know I’ve been working in video game retail for about 14 years or so and working in retail during Christmas sucks the big one. If it wasn’t for the fact I now have children I think the whole “Christmas spirit” would have been burnt out of me a long time ago. Now can you take a guess at one of the crappiest parts of working in retail during Christmas is? Yep, having to endure Michael Bublé Christmas music, especially when the place you work for sells music CD’s like mine does. Man, I’m already dreading it now and it’s only October, pretty sure once Halloween is done and dusted old Bublé will be poking his head up in shops, that bastard.

So pretty much this cartoon is a visual representation of me getting aurally raped by Michael Bublé whilst at work. I even made the counter look a bit like the one at my work too! This cartoon is dedicated to all my fellow retail peeps over the Christmas period, hang in there it will all be over soon enough.

Honestly I only got this idea the other day whilst I was trying to go the sleep and originally I was going to wait until closer to Christmas, but I just couldn’t get the idea out of my head! I just had to do it, especially as I just saw the Christmas tress up in the shops yesterday while on my break at work, so this is me venting. It’s funny how some ideas just stick in your head and you can’t focus on any new one’s until you get that one down and out of your head. It’s almost like the idea creates a mind of it’s own.




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