Picture Puzzle #1

Last week was the first week of school holidays, so my spare time was rather limited, on top of that my mother stayed with us the whole week as well and the spare room in our house is pretty much in the same room as my office, so I had no spare time at all last week to draw a new cartoon. Instead I whipped up this neat little “Picture Puzzle” instead! Can you guess what the sentence is? It’s something close to my heart that’s for sure, I really do hate it…..


This idea came from a strange place, you see we have this kids music CD in our car and there’s a song where the chick is singing something about “our country”. For some reason she really emphasizes the “count” bit and sings it a bit like “count-try”, after hearing this way too many times I kind of got the idea for this puzzle. Originally I was going to use Kyle Sandilands , who is probably Australia’s biggest tool, but then the rest of the world couldn’t get the joke, so in light of recent events I found probably the world’s biggest tool to use instead.

There’s still another week of school holidays left, but Mum when home yesterday so I should be able to spend some nights this week working on a new cartoon for next Monday. Oh and also I’ll be starting Inktober on the 1st of October, so I’ll be posting a drawing here every day, yeah!

Anyway, see you next time!


PS. How good is that? The whole post and I didn’t use the “C” bomb once!

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