Ash: The Adult Years (Special Features)

Hi, welcome to my quick “Special Features” section for last Monday’s cartoon “Ash: The Adult Years” I thought I’d shares some of the preliminary sketches and stuff I did for this cartoon.

So the first thing I do once I have an idea down is to do a quick sketch so I can have a good idea of placement, layout and figuring out the text and where it will fit like this:


As you can see, it’s very rough and I tend to write random notes here and there on it.

The next thing I did was figure out just how to draw Ash, so I did a quick Google Image search and copied some pictures of him and then played around with them like this:


Oh and just in case you were wondering, I chose the most recent ‘version’ of Ash, which is the outfit he wears in the XY series.

Next I draw the cartoon up in pencil on some some cartridge paper:


After this is done, I then use a light box to trace this drawing onto some high quality board with all my fancy ink pens. I do this, as you may see above I’m pretty messy when I draw so I found it much cleaner to just ink straight onto the board like this:


I also do a lot more shading and effects directly with the ink pens as well, like all the crosshatching and such. After that I scan the image onto my PC and use Photoshop to clean it up a bit then colour it in. Finally I use Illustrator to do all the text and it finally looks like this, the finished product:


That’s it, a very brief outline of how I make a cartoon, I hope you liked it, I plan to do some more of these and go into more depth in the future. What do you think?



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