Man Sized


Happy Monday! This week’s cartoon is one for the ladies. I got this idea whilst shopping one day when I saw some “Man Sized Tissues” and I started thinking about what “Man Sized” could mean. I mean is it really big? Or is it the kind of big where a man says it’s big but it ends up not so big? Of course I coudn’t have a lady returning some tissues, so I went with my other specialty, cookies. Even since watching an awesome episode of the TV show Peep Show when they talked about it, (here, watch it here: I just can’t look at Man Sized tissues the same way ever again. So I guess that episode kind of influenced this cartoon in a way, so thank you Peep Show.

I know that I probably didn’t need the man to sat anything, it’s not necessary and often I do try to “trim the fat” on text in my cartoons to be as minimal as possible. But I really liked the phrase: “Geez lady have you never dated a man before?” so much that I just had to keep it in there.

Anyway, hope you like it, see you next time,


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