Eyes Up Here



Happy Monday everyone, it’s new cartoon time. This week’s cartoon is one of those wonderfully rare ideas that just pop into my head fully formed and not needing much work other than just to put pencil to paper. I love these ideas, I don’t get them very often unfortunately, most of the time I get half, or vague ideas and I really need to work on them to form them into a usable idea. So, because of that, there’s not much to say about this one then, you’re probably thinking that I probably got busted staring at some boobs when I got this idea, but I wasn’t honestly….But seriously though it is damn hard for us guys not to admire them as they are just so awesome. I mean if you’re in a room and the Mona Lisa was on the wall, what are you going to do right? That’s my defense anyway.

Hope you like it, see you next time,


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