Spider-man: Domestic Superhero


If you didn’t already know or realize by now, I’m a massive comic geek. Pretty much been collecting them since I was in high school and my all time favourite comic character is Spider-man by far. Probably as it was the first comic I really got sucked into in the beginning, which I remember clearly as it was when Spidey had his black and white costume (still my favourite) and when Venom first appeared. Ah the glory days of the comics industry during the early 90’s, good times. So as you can imagine I really need no excuse to make a cartoon about Spidey.

I have many techniques, which I’ll go into more detail anther day, that I use to come up with my cartoon ideas. The one I used to get this cartoon was what I call: “The bus ride method.” Basically I’ve found that I think quite clearly when I’m riding on a bus by myself, not sure why but I just do. So every now and again I take a bus ride with a notebook full of half finished ideas and I usually finish them or come up with so new ideas along the way. It’s never failed me so far. The other day I was riding on the bus and I came across an idea that a did awhile back, this one to be exact: http://brinkscartoons.com/?p=93 and I also had another random idea that maybe I could do some more “domestic dangers” for Spider-man and then I pretty much just came up with this idea right away. Who knows, maybe I’ll do some more, I kind of like them.

Man I’m really tired though, I was up way to late last night finishing this off…..enjoy!


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  1. If you’re doing a “domestic danger” series there would have to be a ‘Spiderman vs Lego’ strip!

  2. Most men seem to have that spider alert sense where a dirty nappy is on the cards Michael Brinkley?! Loved this comic thanks

    • I so wish I did, I’ve changed way too many dirty nappies in my time! Thanks for reading and the compliment!

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