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It’s Monday morning, so it’s new cartoon time! This weeks cartoon came from (no pun intended) a couple of conversations I had with my good mate Ben a couple of years back. If I remember correctly, his wife was looking to get a facial done and we found it very amusing how different a meaning the word “facial” has for men as apposed to women. As usual, whenever I find something amusing, I just write it down in a notebook and eventually it becomes a cartoon. Oh and ladies if your still confused, well….. I just Googled it and surprisingly all the results were for the female interpretation, let me see…..Ah good old Urban Dictionary to the rescue, here’s a good summary:

(1)Application of make-up to one’s face.
(2)Application of sperm to one’s face.
Also see: smud
(1)”I’m going to Green’s Salon to get my facial done.”
(2)”Dude! Ron Jeremy just gave that bitch a facial!”
There you go ladies, now you know why your man giggles like a schoolgirl when you tell him you’re going to get a facial done, you’re welcome.
So glad I cleared that up. So there’s quite a few more of these terms, mainly normal everyday terms that the porn industry has now changed forever (I was going to say “ruined”, but that’s not necessarily true in some cases). So much so, I think I might make a list for a Wednesday post, not yet as I still have one more cartoon in this idea yet.
Anyway, I’m out of here, later.

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