Friday Night Art #1

Greetings! As promised, here is the first of my series of “Friday Night Art” pieces. Now these will be random artwork that I happen to like, very similar to what I was doing for the 100 Days of Drawing Challenge, just once a week instead of every day. It’s nice to be able to spend more time on them and if fact I still plan on going back to some of my 100 Days drawings and completely redoing them from scratch. Which will be good as there was quite a few of them I really loved and I know if I spent more time on them I could make them look so much better.

So onto tonight’s piece, I have a little book my wife gave me to do a drawing a day in, I started out good but slacked off way too much on it. Anyway I still draw in it as much as I can, actually I’m onto my 2nd book already. So a lot of these Friday Night Art pieces will most likely be based on some of those quick drawings that I will then go back and redo and finish more, like this one was. So here’s the initial drawing from my book:


and here is the new version, finish in pen and ink:


So you can see he ‘evolved’ quite a bit and to be honest I still like both of them! Anyway I hope you like it. Until next time…


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