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The first cartoon back after so long, so why did I choose this one? I think I chose this one as, just like restarting this blog again, it was an idea I had for so long and it took me awhile to actually do it. I got the initial idea from reading a recipe for something I was baking ages ago, which if you happen to follow my Instagram account ( you may notice I do bake a lot these days. It’s been a late in life kind of passion I’ve only discovered in the last couple of years or so.

So the first idea was in a comic strip format and a bit ‘nicer’ I guess, it showed the guy cooking and reading out aloud a recipe saying “lightly beat two eggs…” and just at that moment the two anthropomorphic (man I love that word, it’s so in my top 10 favourite words easily) eggs walk in and say hi to him, then he gets an evil/angry look on his face. Or a sad look, I’m not sure, never really finished the idea before I revised it into its new single panel version. Which is an old habit of mine as I only every used to do just single panel gags, so I still sometimes try to simplify and idea down to one panel and sometimes it pays off, other times I leave it as a strip. Anyway I liked the more twisted idea of seeing the guy beating the egg up in this final version…. I’m strange like that.

I hope you all like the new cartoon, I’m going to try and mix it up with single panel and comic strips this time around, I’ve already got two finished strips ready to go, so next week will be a strip. Unless I do something better in the meantime that is.


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