I’m back!!

Yes, I’m finally back! In case you weren’t aware, I was posting cartoons and stuff weekly on my blog site (http://brinkscartoons.blogspot.com.au/) for quite a few years, it was my baby…. or third child as I sometimes called it. But at the end of 2014 my wife and I decided to take part in a “100 Days of Drawing” challenge and during it I was still posting cartoons, for a while anyway. At some point I couldn’t keep both up so I focused purely on the 100 Days project until I was finished. The problem was that, as much fun and rewarding as that challenge was, I was very ‘drained’ creatively after it. That and my eldest son started school about the same time, so a lot was changing and I found my spare time was a lot shorter than it used to be. And a bunch of other stuff was going on, it was a busy, crazy time. Also about the same time I had a friend of mine help me redesign a whole new blog site to be hosted at www.brinkscartoons.com. So after a while I had the excuse that I’d wait until the new site was up before I started posting again, you know, new start, new site and all. Fortunately the site did get finished, unfortunately I still wasn’t prepared and then when I was, I somehow deleted the whole site…..don’t ask, long story, I’m an idiot is the short version. So back to square one!   

 Enter 2016, and now I have 2 days off as my youngest son goes to day-care 2 days a week as opposed to the 1 day he was doing last year. So this year I’ve been preparing to return to doing this blog at it’s new .com address and with an all new part 2 design. The problem is that this website stuff takes ages to do, so even though I’ve had the content ready to go for some time, the site side of things has been holding me back. It was starting to really drag on, so I’ve just went ‘screw it’ and I’m just going to start posting on this very basic, bare bones version of the site for now. I just need to start posting again, otherwise I never will, I’ll sort out the design stuff later.

So this is the first post, I’ll post up a new cartoon tomorrow. Hopefully I can keep regularly posting stuff again now, I plan to do a new cartoon on Monday’s, some random stuff on Wednesday’s and then post some artwork up on Friday’s. If all else fails and I get busy I intend to keep the Monday cartoon consistent at least, I’ve even got some backup cartoons ready just in case. Man it’s good to be back!!



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