Domestic Danger

This idea originated from an ad I saw for a car of all places. The car in this ad had a rear parking sensor to “detect danger” and at first I though, what would happen if the car could detect other types of “danger”. The first idea was that someone was reversing in a car and a pedophile walks past and the car detects him as danger, or something along those lines. This seemed far to elaborate and complicated, but I wrote the idea down and revised it another day. I broke it down to the basic idea of something that detects danger and what sort of ‘danger’ it could detect. Being a massive comic geek, and Spider-man being my all time favourite superhero, it was only a matter of time until I thought of his spider-sense. I also borrowed a bit from my old Daredevil Dave character, who’s a Daredevil who only does ‘domestic stunts’. Domestic danger, domestic stunts, similar thing.

Any excuse to draw Spider-man I say, plus I loved the idea of Spidey, just chillin’ on the couch drinking a beer in full costume watching some sport on TV (you can’t see it, but that’s what he’s doing).

Hope you like it!


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