100 Days of Drawing: Day 15

Today I was cleaning up around the house looking for something and I found a scrap piece of paper with a drawing of a dinosaur on it. It was from a couple of months back when I was at the doctors for one of my boys and in the waiting room they have all these toys and scrap paper and pencils to entertain kids….and dads 😉 So I quickly drew up a sketch of pretty much exactly what the drawing I today is, because I saw it and liked it so I redrew it. My wife who is also taking this challenge with me (see her on Instagram as drtupps) is using coloured pencil for a lot of her drawings. I honestly haven’t used coloured pencils since highschool so I borrowed her set to add some quick colour, just for something different. So here it is:

If I’d had more time I would have coloured it some more with way more shading and such, but I only have very limited time and as I said I really need some practice with coloured pencils, it’s been way too long!


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