It’s Only a Matter of Time

Ok, I have to admit, I like most of Michael Bay’s movies….most. But I think I like making fun of him more than anything, because, well….it’s fun. I did this one this week as the new Ninja Turtles movie came out the other day here in Australia and everytime I see another trailer for it the worse it looks. Even the last Transformers movie looked cool in the trailers, and apparently it was a massive pile of shit, so that says something. I was a big Ninja Turtles and Transformers fan as a kid. 

This idea came from my mate Scotty, who I work with and we often make lots of Michael Bay jokes at work. One day we were joking about the fact that Michael Bay is planning on ruining everything from our childhood’s, I joked that he’ll make a Biker Mice from Mars movie next (one of Scotty’s favourite shows from his childhood)….god I hope he’s not reading this…..

So I wanted to make a joke about Michael Bay wreaking my favourite childhood things and how would he do that? Yep a giant explosion of course, how else?



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