The Man Cave

You know what I really enjoy? The fact that after many years and trying different things that I finally have my idea creation process down to a fine art. This idea is a classic example of how I currently do things; I was walking around my local shopping centre and I noticed in the window of a Cigarette/Gift Shop they had a bunch of “Man” stuff, as Father’s Day is here in Australia in a couple of weeks, and they had a bunch of signs for “Man Caves”, but one of them said “Woman Cave”. I saw that and straight away thought “Don’t they already have ‘caves’?”. Then I wrote down the most basic note in my trusty old notebook I always keep in my back pocket, I think all I wrote down was “Woman Cave”. Over the next couple of days in my head I tossed around a couple of ways of doing it, until I came up with this idea, done!

I don’t know if you can notice any difference but this cartoon was created with some new equipment. I’ve mentioned it before and I still plan to post up all my findings on this, but I’ve been experimenting with lots of different pens and paper to create my cartoons. I’m pretty much at the end of my journey now as I went to the top shelf last week and bought some fancy Copic Multi Liner SP ink pens and some really nice illustration board. This is the first cartoon I’ve done using them and man they are sweet I must say. I’m looking forward to completed all my tests and presenting it to you guys as it’s been a lot of fun, especially as I’m such a stationary geek.

Anyway, I’m currently on holidays at the beach, so I prepared all this a couple of nights back, so I’m getting back to it, hope you like it!


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