Please Let it Go

In case you didn’t know, my main gig is being a stay-at-home dad looking after my two boys who are 2 and 4 years old. They both love the movie Frozen at the moment, my youngest more so than my eldest (he sometimes yells out “let it go! Let it go!” randomly during the day), so I bought them the soundtrack to play in the car. Now I knew this was a bad idea before I even bought it, bad idea for me that is, but I’m a considerate parent so I bought it anyway. Now, half the album is score music, which I can handle as there’s no lyrics to get stuck in my head….but I didn’t count on the fact that when the singing is over I get a backseat request to go back to the start all the time. So now all I hear in the car is the Frozen soundtrack, so I now have Frozen songs stuck in my head all the time, it’s driving me insane! Seriously I sometimes wake up and boom, already one buzzing around in my head. These songs are like dog shit on a carpet, you just can’t get rid of them that easy.

You can probably guess how I then got this idea then right? Originally is was just going to be the first 2 panels only, but I eventually thought up the whole “build a snowman” angle and added that on. I liked the idea that these parents are on the knifes edge of sanity and that hearing one line from Frozen will just push them over. I think us “Frozen Parents” need a support group or something….we need it, that or just something to get these damn songs out of my head!

Hope you like it, 


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