Well look at that, a cartoon about Starbucks and I didn’t make fun of them! Well, kind of, I did kind of make fun of their cup sizes and the stupid, pretentious names they give them. But the main ‘punchline’ is a LeBron joke! If you didn’t already guess, I’m an NBA fan and not a fan of LeBron James….he’s a douche and he has a massive ego. When I came up with this idea, his ego was always the punchline, I did try and think of someone else with a bigger ego….hell I even tried thinking of anything bigger and I couldn’t. So I just stuck with this one, which kind of sucks if you don’t know anything about NBA…it sucks because you obviously don’t know what you’re missing. Get onto that shit! 
Me personally, I’ve been a New York Knicks fan since the mid 90’s and I’ve stuck with them through all the years of them sucking. But now we’re finally getting better! Now to all those in the know, yes I know we have Carmelo Anthony who also has a massive ego and is a massive douche as….but dammit he’s our douche! And he’s nowhere near as bad as LeBron and LeBron just plain old shits me off.

I’m planning on doing some more strips likes this instead of single panels as I’ve been coming up with ideas that can’t fit in one panel. It’s taken me some time to get used to not restricting my ideas to one panel like I’ve done for so long. Sometimes I like restrictions though, it forces you to be more creative, but of late I’m trying to ‘free my mind’ and open up to just coming up with a useable idea and working the art around that idea and not the other way round. In the past I’ve come up with an idea and then brainstormed how to make it into a single panel gag. I’ve got heaps of different ideas in different formats that I’m working on as well, it’s just my time constraints that’s holding me back at this stage, a single panel cartoon is quite easy and quick to do. That and I’m also planning on doing a lot of new stuff when my new website finally gets finished….it is happening trust me, some day soon……in fact let me just send and email off….

Alrighty, hope you like it, see ya next time,


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