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I’ve been a bit sick this week and I didn’t have a lot of spare time to do a cartoon, so as usual when this happens I has all ready to post an old cartoon from the vault, when my wife suggested I do a quick Mothers Day cartoon instead. I think she actually meant just a drawing like I did for New Years Eve last year, but I thought about it and wondered if I could do just a quick pencil cartoon instead. 

So instead of my usual jokes, I thought I share some parental advice and yes, I often wait to use the toilet when something is on TV to distract both my boys as I don’t need an audience while I take a crap, it’s weird and very off putting I must say. Perhaps if they provided me with some motivational type words like a personal trainer that might be useful….but probably even more creepy now that I think about it. 

All you parents know what I’m talking about, for some reason small children find what their parents do in the toilet fascinating, which it’s not on the least. I get the same thing when I mow our lawn, my boys find it fascinating, I find it dull, repetitive and boring. Which I’m sure they will once they’re old enough to do it, and trust me, when they’re old enough to do it, they’ll do it all the time as I hate it. The timing for this is good for you Americans as it’s Mothers Day now, but here in Australia it was yesterday, when I actually drew this, so enjoy and share with all the mothers out there! Happy Mothers Day.

I actually enjoyed the challenge of this, this is just a scan of a pencil drawing, but I still used Illustrator to do the text around the cartoon, but that’s it, nice and quick. I think I knocked this all out in about an hour or so, doing all the inking and colouring would have added another hour or so on top, an hour which I didn’t have. Plus I wanted to see if I could do it and how it would turn out. What I might do is, one day I’ll ink and colour this one just to see how it turns out and then I can show you to compare the two. What do you think?

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