Hard to Swallow

If you’ve been keeping up with this Blog for awhile now or you just know me well then you know that probably my 2 favourite companies to make fun of, because I don’t like them or their products, is Apple and Starbucks. So any opportunity to make a joke at their expense and I’m all over it and Starbucks is easy, seriously their ‘coffee’ tastes like shit. I know the flavoured, frozen, fancy bullshit drinks are ok, but it’s a coffee shop right? So the normal “coffee” should be good as well, plus I never buy the 90% sugar flavoured fancy drinks anyway….hence why I never go to Starbucks. The other one that cracks me up is a coffee chain here in Australia called “The Coffee Club” which, even though “Coffee” is in their title do really, really bad coffee and as with Starbucks, at least their food is good. I’m just assuming “The Food Club” didn’t have the same ring to it.

So, the other day I was by myself at my local monument to consumerism doing some shopping and I spotted a cute girl walking out as I walked in and I thought “Wow, she’s cute” until I saw that she was drinking a Starbucks “coffee” and my first though was “Damn, what a waste, she obviously has no taste”. I wonder if this lack of “good taste” is also apparent in the rest of her life? Does she drive a Volvo with an Apple sticker on the back? I bet she dates complete douchebags as well. Anyway, after I had this thought I knew it could make a good cartoon idea, so I wrote it down straight away.

When I came to developing the idea, the first was literally just a visual of what I first thought, a guy checking out a girl and then being put off by her drinking a Starbucks “coffee”. But I knew I could crank it up some more, so I worked on it in my head a bit more and focused on the whole ‘taste’ thing which led to this. I think I also got to this idea as I’ve been worried about the fact that since becoming a dad I’ve been mellowing out my jokes and they’ve been getting ‘cleaner’. So I’ve been trying to get back to my filthy roots again, plus my wife always says she thinks my dirty jokes are better, so you can’t argue with that.

Anyway, hope you like it!


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