The Paper and the Rock

Once again, I’ve decided to dress up an old cartoon slightly this week as I didn’t get time to draw a new one as I usually spend my Wednesdays doing my new ‘toons but this week the wife and I were busy buying a new car. It’s weird going from a little hatchback to a full sized sedan, I feel like such an adult now, it’s scary. We avoided going for an enormous SUV as we often make fun of parents who have kids and all of a sudden feel the need to buy a tank to protect their little darlings…and just kill everyone else they smash into. So we didn’t want to be hypocrites, you know like people who hate Apple products and own iPods (seriously though, there’s no other music player of decent size left to buy anymore! What else can I use?)  but we did consider it at one point as sad as that is to admit. 

Anyway, so as with last time I updated the fonts, replaced the badly handwritten text on the front of the ream of paper, changed the speech bubble shape and outline and finally added in my “hidden dolphin” thing I do….I still haven’t properly explained why I do that yet haven’t I? Or have I? I should check as I have a good idea when I started doing it. Anyway maybe another day I’ll explain that one, couldn’t be bothered right now.
See ya!


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