Dangerous Waters

I’m a big fan of wordplay jokes, in other words jokes based on the manipulation of words, like this one. So in this case the fact that Mime and Mine sound similar and appeared to get mixed up by accident but not. I’ve done similar jokes but more focused on it actually being a typo and what happens after. But this time I thought I’d try something different, where instead of a typo, it appears to be a typo. In fact this is kind of a remake cartoon as a long time ago I did a cartoon with a similar joke but it looked completely different. It was a “Mime Field”, a field full of mimes and a group of soldiers to scared to enter. I think I really like the idea of sea creatures, namely sharks, dressing up as mimes and harassing fisherman. I tossed up the idea of mermaids at one point, but I thought sharks would be funnier. 

Trying out some more combining real photo’s again this week as you can see with the water. I didn’t want boring old flat blue water, so I tried using a photo of real water, what do you think?

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