So, a little while ago the supermarket chain I frequent decided to put sushi shops inside the shop. While it was being built, I was looking at it one day and assumed that they would get their normal, bored teenage Caucasian staff to work there. And I thought to myself, “man no one will buy sushi from white people”, which kind of piqued my interest a bit, so I asked around just to double check I’m not a racist bastard, and most people are the same. Why do we automatically assume a non-Asian looking person can’t make good Asian food? Odd isn’t it? 

So this eventually got me thinking, and I had this idea for maybe a short story about a white guy who’s only dream in life is to be a master sushi chef. I still do like this idea, I’ll add it to my growing list of story ideas that I plan to do in the future when I eventually get around to doing some creative writing courses. Which is something I’ve been wanting to do for some time now, I think once I get some more spare time in the next couple of years when my boys get older. Anyway, so I still liked the idea and thought there could be a cartoon in there somewhere. It wasn’t until I hit on the support group meeting angle (Which honestly, once again came from my ‘remake’ pile as there’s a cartoon about a support group that I want to redraw) that the idea finally took shape, then I just needed some more ‘members’. 

Oh and in the end, when the sushi place opened up….yep you guessed it, full of Asians which is odd considering how I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single Asian person work at that supermarket before.

I’m sure there could have been some more people in the support group that I could have put in there, but 3 was enough. I’m sure straight male hairdressers and female mechanics do cop it a bit. But I’m unsure if Caucasian sushi chefs even exist! Surely there’s some out there somewhere right? Hence why one early idea I was throwing around was just how rare a white sushi chef is, and I was going to have him hanging out with other rare creatures like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. Or even with other, rare, collectible things, not sure where I was going with that angle as I ended up liking this idea better anyway.

Anyway, until  next time,


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