Wearing Your Brain on Your Sleeve

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a great Christmas and a happy new year! Now bring on 2014! Got lots of stuff planned for this blog this year, very excited to get some stuff up and running and doing some more regular posts, not just the Monday cartoon.

Anyway, on to this weeks cartoon! This one unfortunately for you, not me, was one of those “see something and bing! Instant idea!” ideas. The other day I was walking around the shopping centre where I work and I saw a guy with a sleeve tattoo and thought about a guy getting a tattoo of a shirt sleeve. That’s it, it’s odd that I see guys with sleeve tattoos all the time, yet for some reason this idea only just came to me then. Funny how the mind works…especially my strange one that’s for sure. 

So nothing interesting this week, maybe next week.

See ya,


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