The Next Generation

(This is quite a large image this week, with some ‘small print’ text, so please click on the image to get the full sized version, I couldn’t insert the full sized one as it wouldn’t fit properly in this site layout, cheers)

As you may or may not know, I’m a big gamer….not big that I buy everything when it comes out though, more like a ‘I buy it when it’s cheap’ kind of gamer, a tight-ass gamer if you will. I’ve been meaning to do some regular game themed cartoons for awhile now, which I will do, just not on this blog, probably on somewhere else. But every now and again I still come up with and do some more generalized game ideas like this weeks one. In the spirit of experimentation, I’m also looking at doing some more of these ‘spoof’ ads in the future. Would you like to see more stuff from the Brinkco Retail Outlets? Although this is a very basic design it’s all experimenting and playing around. Which I plan to do more in the new year I think, try and branch out and get out of my comfort zone and do some different stuff. Anyway, I came up with this idea quite some time ago now, but I deliberately left it until now because I wanted to do it to coincide with the release of the new generation of game consoles, the Xbox One and the PS4.  This cartoon was originally meant to be last weeks’ one as the PS4 launched last week, and I almost had it finished when Paul Walker died and I did the strip about that instead.

The one drawback I foresaw in this idea, is I’m pretty sure every guy will have another ‘feature’ I could have added to this ad that I could have done. Oh and please feel free to give me some by all means, who know’s if there’s enough good one’s maybe I can do another ad! The original console was going to be a parody of the Xbox One, purely because it’s been the one that’s coped more flack and jokes about it so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon as such. But the only name I could come up with was the X-Wife, which then implies ‘ex-wife’, which honestly is another one I could easily do. What do you think? So I liked the name “WifeStation” more, so I jumped ship and came up with this one in the end. Oh and I apologize in advance if there are any spelling or grammar errors in this one, that’s a lot of text in there and I’m pretty shit, please tell me what they are and I’ll fix them, it’s pretty easy to do.

The drawing of this didn’t take long at all (as you can see, it’s only the console I did by hand), it was all the fiddly text that took the time, the exact wording and the placement etc. But that was to be expected, I love stuffing around with this stuff anyway, I always wanted to be a Graphic Designer and I wish I had more time to play around with more ‘graphic’ art. As with my normal cartoons it’s all a learning curve for me to try and find techniques to save time and get what I want done in the small amount of time I have to do it all. The original background was a simple gradient fill, but I didn’t like it so I just ‘borrowed’ an actual PS4 promo poster background and just slapped that in there….see, it’s all about shortcuts….and creative license when it’s purely a parody and it’s non-profit,  I hope please Sony don’t sue me….

Ah, there’s so much stuff I want to do now that I think about it! Maybe I should have a New Years Resolution list for next year of all the stuff I want to do and formulate a plan. I definitely will do some different things more, like fake ads, and some more Everyday Comic book covers. Plus I have my regular comic strip I’ve been working on to get up and running, so I promise next year will be ‘all new’, especially when I finally get the new site up and running…the one I’ve been saying will be happening for quite some time now, it is happening….I hope, let me just send and email…..

Alrighty, until next time!


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