Into the Ewwwwww

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So this week I had a cartoon almost finished and ready to go, that I started last Friday, and I was going to finish it, then….Paul Walker died. Let me explain: Yesterday (Sunday) I was just about to go mow the lawn in the afternoon and I did a quick Facebook check beforehand and all over my feed was stuff about Paul Walker’s death. Now I don’t know about you, but I tend to do a lot of thinking whilst I mow the lawn, usually about cartoon ideas, but because I just read about Paul Walker dieing I kept thinking about it and came up with this idea. I knew it was good timing, as I could do it that night and still be relevant, as you remember a few weeks ago with my BitStrips comic, I do sometimes struggle to keep up to date and have ‘topical’ humour. This is usually as I mainly only draw my cartoons on Fridays. The other thing I did like about the idea is that I’ve not even making fun of Paul Walker, and man there was some bad, tasteless stuff flying around the ‘net yesterday. So I managed to remain topical and nice! Kind of…..

Why is it black and white I hear you ask? Well as I only had limited time to do this idea on Sunday night, I set myself a challenge to do a black and white strip in one night. You see black and white cartoons are very old school from the days of them primarily being in black and white newspapers and I’ve been meaning to experiment with it for awhile now. So, I thought this would be a good opportunity to experiment and test myself at the same time and I knew the idea had to be in strip form as a single panel wouldn’t work. You know what? I was actually excited to do this all Sunday afternoon and night, it was fun! From start to finish this whole cartoon from scratch only took me 2 hours, which is pretty good I must admit. I’m quite proud of myself! What do you think? Another reason I wanted to experiment was the regular comic strip I’ve been working on that I plan to launch in the new year. I’m still not sure whether I want to do it colour or not yet, so I’ll do some more playing around.

Hopefully everyone has seen or at least is aware of the movie “Into the Blue” ( if you haven’t seen it, let me summarise it for you:  Jessica Alba in a skimpy bikini and every feeble plot point leads to her getting into a bikini and the camera somehow always ending up shooting her from below and aiming between her legs…..yep, that’s about it. It’s shit, and full of beautiful people not wearing much, if a guy has this in his movie collection you know why, he’s an Alba fan. So now you don’t have to see it….unless you love looking at Alba, but don’t expect much else from it.

Alrighty, I’m off see ya next time!


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