December 2013


Happy New Year!

So I’ve had a pretty rough couple of weeks as far as sleep is concerned, due mainly to my eldest son getting his tonsils out. Which is also why I haven’t had any of my…

Bad girls

The Naughty List

It’s almost here! Yep it’s almost Christmas time, so I thought I’d stick with that theme again this week, just from a more general perspective as opposed to a negative one like last week. Just…


Welcome to Hell

It’s getting to the business end of the year now and that big day of food and presents is all most upon us. But not just that, Christmas time is of course a time for…

New Generation Consoles

The Next Generation

(This is quite a large image this week, with some ‘small print’ text, so please click on the image to get the full sized version, I couldn’t insert the full sized one as it wouldn’t…

Humour Ideas

Into the Ewwwwww

(click the strip to see a bigger version)So this week I had a cartoon almost finished and ready to go, that I started last Friday, and I was going to finish it, then….Paul Walker died….