Uber Revenge

Hello, once again this week i’m venting in cartoon form. It’s a surprising source of good ideas just listing down stuff that annoys the shit out of you, that and it’s very therapeutic. You see, I love my coffee and I love buying coffee from different places and trying new brews. But the one thing that really annoys the shit out of me is when they ask you if you want sugar in your coffee and then don’t stir it in! I know I can stir it myself, I also know I can just friggin’ put the damn sugar in myself too, which I may as well do! What’s the point of even asking? Don’t bother! I hate having a moderately sweetened coffee only to get to the end to have a ridiculously sweet coffee! Then I have to throw it out, which I really hate wasting good coffee. I know it’s a major ‘first world problem’ and not even that big a deal, but man it just annoys the crap out of me. 

I’ve written down this basic idea a couple of times (as I often get ‘sugar shafted’) but it wasn’t until the other week that I came up with this final idea of using one panel after some chick in a cafe didn’t stir my damn coffee whilst on one of my ‘brainstorming trips’ into Brisbane City that I do at least once a month. You see, the original idea was to be a multi-paneled strip, detailing the great lengths this guys goes to, to woo and date this woman who ‘wronged’ him by not stirring his coffee and then get revenge on her in bed. In the end if I can do it in one panel, I’ll do it, not purely because I’m lazy….although that is partly it (or more accurately, time constraints), no I actually like the challenge of compressing ideas into one panel. 

The one thing I was worried about on this one is all the text in it (not just because my spelling and grammar skills are pretty awful at times, thank you Google Chrome auto spell check, tick!), as I always try to limit text as much as possible. But in the end I liked the idea of him rambling on really fast revealing his evil plan as it was. I also tossed up whether to have some caption text to explain things and cut back on his speach bubble but I ditched that and just went with it. I think the hardest thing to get across was the idea that she worked in a cafe and served him a coffee, the text did have quite a few re-writes before I finally settled on this, what do you think?

Anyone notice the background on this one? All I did was a Google Image search for “Wallpaper Patterns” and just placed it as the background, what do you think? Guess how I got that idea? I was reading my son a picture book the other day and I noticed that the art in it used a similar technique and I’ve been meaning to do some more experimenting with adding photo’s and other images into my cartoons. So now I plan on taking photo’s of different textures and patterns to used for things like this. I really like it.

Anyway, time to go, see you next time!


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