November 2013

Cartoon Ideas

A Gentle Trip

Greetings again my dear friends! Not much back story on the cartoon idea this week, as it was one of those “I see a word, think of a rough idea and I write it down”…

annoying things

Uber Revenge

Hello, once again this week i’m venting in cartoon form. It’s a surprising source of good ideas just listing down stuff that annoys the shit out of you, that and it’s very therapeutic. You see,…


The Two Week Window

Hello again! So sorry about last week, Once again I had a sick child and my Aunty from New Zealand was visiting for the week so I couldn’t get much work done at night either….


A Cold Case

Have to be brief this week as I didn’t get a chance to do a new cartoon, so I dipped into the vault again. Although you probably wouldn’t know it, as it’s not all that…