Another week, another cartoon! Not sure why I’ve done a few cat themed jokes of late, I haven’t been doing anything particularly ‘catty’ or anything, the ideas have just been popping up. So much so, I don’t even have a story for the idea of this one, I just had a note in my notebook about a desexed cat getting revenge on his owner by not letting him get any sex either. I can’t even remember what inspired the idea! That’s probably because I didn’t think much of the idea to begin with, but when I read over it the other night, I thought about it and ended up liking it so I just went with it. Speaking of which, the other night I finally sat down and started going through some of my random notes and fleshing them out into my proper notebook and I now have a list of ideas to do stuck up on my corkboard in my office. I was going to take a photo of it, but some of the names would ruin the upcoming jokes and spoil the surprise!

Very excited as finally after all this time, the brand new version of this Blog site is going to get uploaded and up and running soon. It’s been designed quite some time ago, but the issue we were having is finding the right person to convert the site to WordPress for me. Oh, and if you didn’t know, soon this whole site will be moving to my address and be hosted by WordPress. It will be sad to say goodbye to good old Blogger (I’m such a sentimental old bastard) but I will be publishing on both for awhile to ease the transition and most likely I’ll still leave the Blogger site here, I just won’t update it and have a permanent link to the new site on it. When I start up the new site I also have some plans for doing more updates, not just the Monday cartoon. Like regular mid week updates and end of week artwork again and I also have a comic strip I’m working on that I can hopefully do every week as well as the Monday cartoon. So it’s all very exciting! Can’t wait!

OK, gotta go, see you next time!


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